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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

A 10k foot race is a track and field event where people run approximately six miles. This even is very popular with beginning runners and is approximately half the distance of a half marathon. It takes about eight weeks of slow and easy training to get yourself in prime condition to participate in a 10k race.

  1. 1. How many miles is a 10k?
    1. a. Approximately 4
    2. b. Approximately 5
    3. c. Approximately 6
  2. 2. A 10k is half of a...
    1. a. 5k
    2. b. Marathon
    3. c. Half marathon
  3. 3. How long does it take to train for a 10k?
    1. a. 16 weeks
    2. b. 4 weeks
    3. c. 8 weeks