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Bull Shark

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Bull sharks live in shallow waters all around the world. Unlike most other sharks, they can swim in fresh water and often make their way up rivers and streams. Because of this, bull sharks are responsible for most shark attacks on humans. They're naturally solitary and very aggressive, so don't get too close.

  1. 1. How do humans and bull sharks get along?
    1. a. Very poorly, bull sharks attack often
    2. b. Very well
    3. c. I don't know
  2. 2. What can bull sharks live in?
    1. a. Fersh water
    2. b. Salt water
    3. c. Dirty water
  3. 3. Where do bull sharks live?
    1. a. Shallow waters
    2. b. Ponds
    3. c. Deep sea