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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Canaries are wild or domestic birds with a sweet song. They are lively and love orchard habitats. The birds' large populations on the Canary Islands gave them their name, and yellow canaries lent their name to the color "canary yellow." They are members of the Finch family and sound very much like the Goldfinch when they sing.

  1. 1. What color are canaries?
    1. a. Red
    2. b. Yellow
    3. c. Black
  2. 2. Where are there large populations of canaries?
    1. a. The Canary Islands
    2. b. Bird Bay
    3. c. The Bird Islands
  3. 3. Where do canaries like to live?
    1. a. Mountains
    2. b. Trees
    3. c. Orchards