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Turtle Dove

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The Turtle Dove, a gray and brown bird, eats shoots and seeds. It lives in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere during the warmer seasons and migrates to Africa for the winter to stay warm. During the summer months, Turtle Doves lay little white eggs in pairs and are known for their flimsy and low-lying nests.

  1. 1. Where does the Turtle Dove migrate?
    1. a. India
    2. b. Asia
    3. c. Africa
  2. 2. Where does the Turtle Dove live?
    1. a. Southern Hemisphere
    2. b. Canada
    3. c. Northern Hemisphere
  3. 3. What color is a turtle dove?
    1. a. Blue
    2. b. Gray
    3. c. Green