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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

These beautiful flowers are the first sign of spring for many flower enthusiasts. The snowdrop is a close relative of the daffodil and has a delicate white flower. A field of snowdrops is so spectacular in February and March that gardens have special events to show them off, like Scotland's Snowdrop Festival.

  1. 1. Snowdrops are a relative of what other flower?
    1. a. Daisy
    2. b. Daffodil
    3. c. Rose
  2. 2. What country has a Snowdrop festival?
    1. a. Ireland
    2. b. England
    3. c. Scotland
  3. 3. Snowdrops are a sign of what season?
    1. a. Summer
    2. b. Winter
    3. c. Spring