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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

A little red wagon is a lot of people's fondest memory from childhood. The iconic wagon was designed by a carpenter in 1917 and hit the market in 1930 with the name Radio Flyer. Children will recognize this red wagon, even though the company now makes tons of children's vehicles, from fire engines to cars, at their Chicago plant.

  1. 1. When was the red wagon designed?
    1. a. 1917
    2. b. 1919
    3. c. 1914
  2. 2. When did the red wagon first come out to the market?
    1. a. 1940
    2. b. 1930
    3. c. 1935
  3. 3. What was the name of the red wagon?
    1. a. Radio Flyer
    2. b. TV Flyer
    3. c. Paper Flyer