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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Wheelbarrows are a big help in the garden or on the construction site. A typical wheelbarrow can hold up to six cubic feet of materials, all on just one wheel! The principles at work involve a person standing behind the wheelbarrow and holding the handles with both hands. This lifts the wheelbarrow off the ground and, with enough balance, it can ride safely. When it isn't moving, the wheelbarrow rests on a propping leg that hangs from the bottom.

  1. 1. Where are wheelbarrows a big help?
    1. a. Construction site
    2. b. Laundry room
    3. c. Garage
  2. 2. How many cubic feet of stuff can a wheelbarrow carry?
    1. a. 4
    2. b. 6
    3. c. 5
  3. 3. What hangs from the bottom of a wheelbarrow?
    1. a. A foot
    2. b. A leg
    3. c. An arm