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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The materials that a doll is made of tell the story of how long dolls have been around, which is to say, since the dawn of time. In ancient civilizations, dolls used to be made from clay, wood, twine, rock, bone and paper. In modern times, dolls were made of china, rubber and, most recently and most popularly, plastic.

  1. 1. Since when have dolls been around?
    1. a. Since dinsoaurs
    2. b. Since the dawn of time
    3. c. Forever
  2. 2. What were dolls made of long ago?
    1. a. Clay
    2. b. Metal
    3. c. Plastic
  3. 3. What are dolls made of now?
    1. a. Plastic
    2. b. Twine
    3. c. Wood