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Ferry boat

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Ferries carry passengers and their cars back and forth on a regular schedule. Operating a ferry system is cheaper than building bridges, and you'll find them in places like Seattle, San Francisco, New York and the Great Lakes areas. The longest distance traveled by ferry is across the English Channel, connecting Calais, France to Dover, England.

  1. 1. What is the longest ferry ride?
    1. a. New York to New Jersey
    2. b. England to France
    3. c. San Francisco to Oakland
  2. 2. What is cheaper, bridges or ferries?
    1. a. Ferries
    2. b. I don't know
    3. c. Bridges
  3. 3. What do ferries also carry?
    1. a. Cars
    2. b. Strollers
    3. c. Pets