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Glacier Bay

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Perhaps America's most remote national park, Glacier Bay National Park has no roads leading to it. Nevertheless, 400,000 people come every year by boat and air to see the magnificent glaciers near Juneau, Alaska. A glacier is a slowly-moving river of ice and the world's second biggest source of fresh water.

  1. 1. Where is Glacier Bay?
    1. a. Washington State
    2. b. Hawaii
    3. c. Alaska
  2. 2. How many people come to Glacier Bay each year?
    1. a. 500000
    2. b. 1 million
    3. c. 400000
  3. 3. There are no ... what?... leading up to Glacier Bay National Park?
    1. a. Tours
    2. b. Roads
    3. c. Rivers