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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Shenandoah National Park showcases the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River of Virginia. The park also features 101 and miles of the famous Appalachian Trail, which, at 2,000 miles long, is the longest trail in the United States. US President Herbert Hoover had a retreat at Shenandoah.

  1. 1. What president had a retreat at Shenandoah?
    1. a. Thomas Jefferson
    2. b. Herbert Hoover
    3. c. George Bush
  2. 2. What mountains are in Shenandoah?
    1. a. Smokey Mountains
    2. b. Rocky Mountains
    3. c. Blue Ridge Mountains
  3. 3. Where is Shenandoah?
    1. a. New Hampshire
    2. b. Virginia
    3. c. Vermont