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Ice Skating

Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

The first ice skates were found at the bottom of a Swiss lake. They were made in 3000 B.C. from cattle bones. James II of England and Louis XIV of France were two kings who fell in love with the sport and constructed large and expensive ice-skating arenas on their palace grounds.

  1. 1. Who loved ice skating?
    1. a. Napoleon
    2. b. Louis XIV
    3. c. Queen Elizabeth
  2. 2. When were the first ice skates made?
    1. a. 1000 BC
    2. b. 3000 BC
    3. c. 2000 BC
  3. 3. Where were the first ice skates found?
    1. a. A Swiss lake
    2. b. A French river
    3. c. An Italian mountain