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Read the story and answer the questions to test your comprehension.

Over 12.5 million people in the world skateboard. Skateboards started as "sidewalk surfboards" in the 1950's but the signature skateboard trick, the "ollie" that started it all, wasn't done until the 1970's. Skateboards got so popular that the military tested them in the 1990's to see if they were useful during combat operations.

  1. 1. What was the first skateboard trick?
    1. a. Ollie
    2. b. Nose grab
    3. c. 360
  2. 2. A skateboard is like...
    1. a. A bike
    2. b. Rollerblades
    3. c. A sidewalk surfboard
  3. 3. How many people in the world skateboard?
    1. a. 100 million
    2. b. 12.5 million
    3. c. 100