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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

street, three, deep, sweet, heel, wheel, seed, creep, creek, greet, feed, free, seen, bee, three, asleep, cheek, teeth

_________ Past participle of see.
_________ In a state of sleep; also, broadly, resting.
_________ A circular device capable of rotating on its axis, facilitating movement or transportation or performing labour in machines.
_________ Having its bottom far down.
_________ To give food to eat, nurture.
_________ A small inlet or bay, narrower and extending further into the land than a cove; a recess in the shore of the sea, or of a river.
_________ The soft skin on each side of the face, below the eyes; the outer surface of the sides of the oral cavity.
_________ The movement of something that creeps.
_________ A paved part of road, usually in a village or a town.
_________ Plural form of tooth.
_________ A flying insect, of the order Hymenoptera, superfamily Apoidea.
_________ To address with salutations or expressions of kind wishes; to salute; to hail; to welcome; to accost with friendship; to pay respects or compliments to, either personally or through the intervention of another, or by writing or token.
_________ One plus two.
_________ Not imprisoned or enslaved.
_________ Having a pleasant taste, especially one relating to the basic taste sensation induced by sugar.
_________ Held in reserve for future growth.
_________ One plus two.
_________ Part of the foot on the backside where it becomes the leg.