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short e

Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

egg, bend, head, send, best, wet, lend, length, yet, dress, shell, red, bent, went, never, yes, check, west, self, rest, fresh, pen, tenth, chest, letter, felt, step, sent

_________ An enclosed area used to contain domesticated animals, especially sheep or cattle.
_________ Superlative form of good: most good.
_________ The relief from work or activity afforded by sleeping; sleep.
_________ The part of the body of an animal or human which contains the brain, mouth and main sense organs.
_________ An individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness.
_________ The calcareous or chitinous external covering of mollusks, crustaceans, and some other invertebrates.
_________ Thus far; up to the present; up to some specified time.
_________ At no time.
_________ Having red as its colour.
_________ One of the four principal compass points, specifically 270°, conventionally directed to the left on maps; the direction of the setting sun at an equinox.
_________ A symbol in an alphabet.
_________ To allow to be used by someone temporarily, on condition that it or its equivalent will be returned.
_________ To cause (something) to change its shape into a curve, by physical force, chemical action, or any other means.
_________ A garment; an item of clothing (usually worn by a woman or young girl) which covers the upper part of the body as well as below the waist.
_________ The ordinal form of the number ten.
_________ An individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness.
_________ To make something (such as an object or message) go from one place to another.
_________ Simple past tense and past participle of bend.
_________ A mark (especially a checkmark: √ ) used as an indicator, equivalent to a tick .
_________ Simple past of go.
_________ New or clean.
_________ A cloth or stuff made of matted fibres of wool, or wool and fur, fulled or wrought into a compact substance by rolling and pressure, with lees or size, without spinning or weaving.
_________ An approximately spherical or ellipsoidal body produced by birds, snakes, insects and other animals housing the embryo during its development.
_________ A word used to show agreement or acceptance.
_________ Of an object, etc, covered with or impregnated with liquid.
_________ A box, now usually a large strong box with a secure convex lid.
_________ A subdivision of currency, equal to a 1/100th of an Estonian kroon.
_________ The measurement of distance along the longest dimension of an object.