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short i

Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

spill, skin, miss, drink, wish, print, ill, fill, hid, stick, brick, ship, whip, wrist, lick, kiss, his, trick, will, swim, written, kid, with, which, this, thick, gift, chin, it, winter, if

_________ The third person singular personal pronoun used to refer to a non human entity, to an inanimate thing with no or unknown sex or gender.
_________ To stroke with the tongue.
_________ To drop something so that it spreads out or makes a mess; to pour.
_________ To fail to hit.
_________ A rod or rope used to hit a person or animal for punishment, torture or encouragement.
_________ The outer covering of the body of a person.
_________ To move through the water, without touching the bottom; to propel oneself in water by natural means.
_________ A hardened rectangular block of mud, clay etc., used for building.
_________ Against,in the company of.
_________ Belonging to him.
_________ A child
_________ Suffering from a disease.
_________ To consume (a liquid) through the mouth.
_________ The bottom of a face, especially, the lower jaw or the region below the mouth.
_________ Of, relating or characteristic of writing
_________ to make full.
_________ Simple past of hide.
_________ A person's intent, volition, decision.
_________ Something given to another voluntarily, without charge.
_________ A small branch from a tree or bush.
_________ Traditionally the fourth of the four seasons, typically regarded as being from December 21 to March 20 in continental regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
_________ a will for something to happen.
_________ Of, relating to, or writing for printed publications.
_________ A large, water borne vessel, in contrast to a boat.
_________ Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite in its smallest solid dimension.
_________ The (thing) here (used in indicating something or someone nearby).
_________ To touch with the lips or press the lips against, usually to express love or affection or passion, or as part of a greeting, or as part of sexual activity.
_________ The complex joint where the hand is attached to the arm; the carpus.
_________ What, of those mentioned or implied (used interrogatively).
_________ Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; used to introduce a condition or choice.
_________ Something that is unusually stylish or cool.