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short u

Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

hung, sum, buzz, run, rush, such, hug, crust, bunch, luck, much, dust, drum, just, muddy, us, stuck, up, bump, hunt, jump, thumb, crush, stuck

_________ Something that happens to someone by chance, a chance occurrence.
_________ Simple past of hang.
_________ A percussive musical instrument spanned with a thin covering on at least one end for striking, forming an acoustic chamber, affecting what materials are used to make it.
_________ An affectionate close embrace.
_________ To chase down prey and (usually) kill it.
_________ Factually fair, correct, proper.
_________ The short thick digit of the hand that for humans has the most mobility and can be made to oppose (moved to touch) all of the other fingers.
_________ To a great extent.
_________ A quantity obtained by addition or aggregation.
_________ A violent collision or compression; a crash; destruction; ruin.
_________ A light blow or jolting collision.
_________ Away from the center of the Earth or other planet; in opposite direction to the downward pull of gravity.
_________ Fine, dry particles of matter.
_________ To move very quickly
_________ A group of a number of similar things, either growing together, or in a cluster or clump.
_________ The act of running.
_________ Like this, that, these, those; Used to make a comparison with something implied by context.
_________ A continuous, humming noise, as of bees; a confused murmur, as of general conversation in low tones, or of a general expression of surprise or approbation.
_________ Covered with or full of mud or wet soil.
_________ To propel oneself rapidly upward such that momentum causes the body to become airborne.
_________ Me and at least one other person.
_________ Trapped and unable to move.
_________ Trapped and unable to move.
_________ A more solid, dense or hard layer on a surface or boundary.