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final e rule

Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

telescope, share, silverware, tone, type, rate, gale, excite, microwave, peninsula, dispute, comma, polite, describe, demonstrate, volume, hemisphere, admire, gaze, california, device, calculate, educate, rescue, stroke, create, longitude, zone, severe, latitude, encyclopedia, continue

_________ A monocular optical instrument possessing magnification for observing distant objects, especially in astronomy.
_________ A grouping based on shared characteristics; a class.
_________ To regard with wonder and delight.
_________ A western coastal state of the United States of America.Capital: Sacramento.
_________ An argument or disagreement, a failure to agree.
_________ An area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic, use, restriction, etc.
_________ To proceed with (doing an activity); to prolong (an activity).
_________ Either how loud or soft a sound is.
_________ A comprehensive reference work with articles on a range of topics.
_________ A half sphere, formed by a plane intersecting the center of a sphere.
_________ Punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence or between elements in a list.
_________ Angular distance measured west or east of the prime meridian.
_________ To stir the emotions of.
_________ An amount measured in relation to another amount.
_________ Very bad or intense.
_________ To stare intently or earnestly.
_________ An electromagnetic wave with wavelength between that of infrared light and radio waves.
_________ Well mannered, civilized.
_________ A specific pitch.
_________ A part of something.
_________ Anything made from silver.
_________ Any piece of equipment made for a particular purpose, especially a mechanical or electrical one.
_________ To put into existence.
_________ To display the method of using an object.
_________ A very strong wind, more than a breeze, less than a storm; number 7 through 9 winds on the 12 step Beaufort scale.
_________ To instruct or train.
_________ To determine the value of something or the solution to something by a mathematical process.
_________ To free or deliver from any confinement, violence, danger, or evil.
_________ A piece of land projecting into water from a larger land mass.
_________ An act of stroking.
_________ To represent in words.
_________ The angular distance north or south from the equator, measured along the meridian of that particular point.