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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

reliable, tolerable, imaginable, profitable, miserable, intolerable, considerable, reasonable, acceptable, favorable, honorable, remarkable, irritable, comparable

_________ In a state of misery: very sad, ill, or poor.
_________ Able to be imagined; conceivable.
_________ Worthy of respect.
_________ Capable of being irritated.
_________ Significant; worth considering.
_________ Worthy of being remarked or noticed; noticeable; conspicuous; hence, uncommon; extraordinary.
_________ Pleasing, encouraging or approving.
_________ Producing a profit.
_________ Capable of being borne, tolerated or endured; bearable or endurable.
_________ Able to be compared (to); similar (to).
_________ Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome; as, an acceptable present, one acceptable to us.
_________ Just; fair; agreeable to reason.
_________ Not tolerable; not capable of being borne or endured; not proper or right to be allowed; insufferable; insupportable; unbearable.
_________ Suitable or fit to be relied on; worthy of dependance or reliance; trustworthy.