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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

frail, failure, brain, aid, entertain, aide, acquaint, restrain, gait, attain, plains, campaign, prairie

_________ Manner of walking or stepping; bearing or carriage while moving.
_________ A series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal; as, an election campaign, a military campaign, an advertising campaign.
_________ Help assistance; succor, relief.
_________ To control or keep in check.
_________ An extensive area of relatively flat grassland with few, if any, trees, especially in North America.
_________ To amuse someone (usually by professional entertainers).
_________ To accomplish; to achieve.
_________ The control center of the central nervous system of an animal located in the skull which is responsible for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotion, and action.
_________ State or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, opposite of success.
_________ Easily broken; mentally or physically fragile; not firm or durable; liable to fail and perish; easily destroyed; not tenacious of life; weak; infirm.
_________ Plural form of plain.
_________ An assistant.
_________ To furnish or give experimental knowledge of; to make (one) to know; to make familiar; followed by 'with'.