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c rule

Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

ace, magnificent, ceremony, recent, innocent, cycle, cancel, pace, descent, scarce, intelligence, citizenship, trace, evidence, precise

_________ An instance of descending.
_________ To cross out something with lines etc.
_________ An interval of space or time in which one set of events or phenomena is completed.
_________ Exact, accurate.
_________ A step taken with the foot.
_________ A unit; a single point or spot on a card or die; the card or die face so marked.
_________ Facts or observations presented in support of an assertion.
_________ Pure; free from sin and immorality.
_________ A small amount.
_________ Happening a short while ago.
_________ Grand, elegant or splendid in appearance.
_________ Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend.
_________ The status of being a citizen.
_________ A ritual with religious significance.
_________ Insufficient to meet a demand or requirement.