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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

ordinance, forced, portrait, ornamental, assorted, forces, nor, perform, historian, performance, restore, forecast

_________ To reestablish, or bring back into existence.
_________ A writer of history; a chronicler; an annalist.
_________ A painting or other picture of a person, especially the head and shoulders.
_________ Comprised of a number of different kinds or types; mixed; miscellaneous.
_________ Simple past tense and past participle of force.
_________ To estimate how a condition will be in the future.
_________ To do something.
_________ A function word introducing each except the first term or series, indicating none of them is true.
_________ A local law or regulation.
_________ The act of performing; carrying into execution or action; execution; achievement; accomplishment; representation by action; as, the performance of an undertaking of a duty.
_________ Plural form of force.
_________ Serving to ornament; characterized by ornament; beautifying; embellishing.