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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

projection, section, communication, function, petition, destination, tradition, infection, constitution, solution, expectation, emotion, duration, combination, inspection, stationary, exploration

_________ The act or state of expecting or looking forward to an event as about to happen.
_________ The act of examining something, often closely.
_________ The act or process of infecting.
_________ A formal, written request made to an official person or organized body, often containing many signatures.
_________ Not moving.
_________ A person's internal state of being and involuntary, subjective, physiological response to an object or a situation, based in or tied to physical state and sensory feelings.
_________ The act of exploring.
_________ A part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation, possibly differing in detail from family to family, such as the way to celebrate holidays.
_________ The concept or state of exchanging information between entities.
_________ An act, plan or other means, used or proposed, to solve a problem.
_________ A cutting; a part cut out from the rest of something.
_________ An amount of time or a particular time interval.
_________ The act, or process of setting something up, or establishing something; the composition or structure of such a thing; its makeup.
_________ The act of combining, the state of being combined or the result of combining.
_________ Something which projects, protrudes, juts out, sticks out, or stands out.
_________ The act of destining or appointing.
_________ What something does or is used for.