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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

permission, meridian, perceive, clergy, herd, fertility, heredity, persecuted, per, term, persian, murder, perspective, persist

_________ To see, to be aware of, to understand.
_________ Simple past tense and past participle of persecute.
_________ To go on stubbornly or resolutely.
_________ A number of beasts assembled together; as, a herd of horses, oxen, cattle, rabbits, camels, elephants, deer, or swine; a particular stock or family of cattle.
_________ For each.
_________ An imaginary great circle on the Earth's surface, passing through the geographic poles.
_________ People, such as ministers, priests and rabbis, who are trained to officiate at religious ceremonies and services.
_________ A view, vista or outlook.
_________ Genitive singular form of persia.
_________ Authorisation; consent (especially formal consent from someone in authority).
_________ The condition, or the degree of being fertile.
_________ An act of deliberate killing.
_________ A limitation, restriction or regulation.
_________ Hereditary transmission of the physical and genetic qualities of parents to their offspring; the biological law by which living beings tend to repeat their characteristics in their descendants.