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Match the vocabulary words with the definitions on the right.

sturdy, disturbing, churn, suburbs, turbine, endure, burial, furnace, cursive, currency, curb, bureaucracy

_________ Of firm build.
_________ A device for heating.
_________ Any of various rotary machines that use the kinetic energy of a continuous stream of fluid (a liquid or a gas) to turn a shaft.
_________ Plural form of suburb.
_________ Structure and regulations in place to control activity. Usually in large organizations and government operations.
_________ To agitate rapidly and repetitively, or to stir with a rowing or rocking motion; generally applies to liquids, notably cream.
_________ A row of concrete along the edge of a road.
_________ Causing distress or worry; upsetting or unsettling.
_________ To continue or carry on with something, despite obstacles or hardships.
_________ Money or other item used to facilitate transactions.
_________ Having successive letters joined together.
_________ The act of burying; interment.